How to Get a Good Research Paper Example in the MLA Format

The MLA, or the Modern Language Association, format is commonly used to write research papers in the humanities and liberal arts. This style outlines a range of standards as to how to format a text, cite sources, and structure a paper. It may be difficult to remember all nuances of formatting in MLA style. However, if you have an appropriate example at hand, you can refer to it whenever you need. A well-formatted sample can be used as a template, considerably simplifying the whole process of work.

Searching on Site

As a rule, you shouldn’t go far in search of the necessary examples. Good MLA formatted research papers can be found in your institution. Try the following options:

  • Ask a teacher.
  • Turn to your teacher after the lesson and ask for a sample in MLA style. Teachers are usually positive about using examples, and it’s unlikely that you will be refused.

  • Go to a writing center.
  • If your school organizes a writing center, it would be a mistake to neglect this opportunity. You’ll be consulted on how to write and format your paper. You will also get access to all learning materials, including proper examples of papers in the MLA format.

  • Look into the school library.
  • Lots of helpful resources are available in the library. These are previous students’ papers. These are textbooks or manuals on MLA formatting. Such books usually contain both theoretical guidelines and good examples.

Searching on the Internet

If you don’t want to stay at school for long, the Internet is the best place to go. This is a marvelous source of all possible information, and it can be accessed literally from the comfort of your sofa. Enter the keywords “research papers in the MLA format” in your favorite search engine and follow the links.

  • Go to the educational websites.
  • If you find an example on the website of any university or college, it can easily be used for reference since it will definitely be of high quality.

  • Browse the websites of writing services.
  • They usually use free samples of papers in different formats to demonstrate their skills and attract new customers.

  • Check online databases.
  • Be careful when selecting an example of an MLA formatted research paper in a free database because it can be of poor quality.

  • Ask other students for help.
  • It doesn’t hurt to ask your peers on any of online communities or forums for students. Even if you aren’t provided with a sample, you’ll get good advice on where to seek.